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Star Matrix Professional Certification Program

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Star Matrix Professional Certification Program

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What is included in the Star Matrix Professional course?


Star Matrix revolutionises the way we approach solving life problems - we are taking Modern Energy to the next level.

What defines a human being is not their traumas, but their Star Events.

Every client and every attendee is a Star Matrix - they just don't know that yet.

To consider clients in this way revolutionises the entire process of "therapy and healing" from the ground up.

No longer do we consider our clients to be a giant, complicated labyrinth of walking traumata, but instead, we already know what they really are - Star Beings in essence.

As Star Matrix Professionals, we gain the extreme honour of walking with our clients into the most powerfully uplifting moments of their lives.

There, we find the power and resources that were needed to unlock that person's super powers, proven resilience and strength, and the true miracles they have already experienced.

This is not only transformational for the client, it also enlightens the practitioner, one client, one Star Story, at the time.

The potential for healing, for evolution, for coming home to the self is infinite.

Star Matrix is the way.

The Star Matrix Professional Certification Course covers:

  • Reviewing your lived experiences of helping others to heal and transform so you may tap into your true powers as a force of light in the world;
  • How to prepare and guide your clients to the most relevant Star Events;
  • How to support, guide and encourage your clients in the recovery of their Star Events;
  • How to support, guide and encourage your clients to access memories, clarify memories and to learn how to work with memories correctly;
  • How to support, guide and encourage your clients to unlock the life changing new information, energy, insights from their Star Memories;
  • How to support, guide and encourage your clients in connecting deeply and profoundly with their Star Aspects, so these become a powerful force for good in their lives;
  • How to find your own Star Stories that have the power to touch your clients and help trigger your client's own expansions;
  • Ongoing Star Matrix support for clients, aftercare and future planning;
  • Working with teams, families and groups to create extraordinary group bubbles which become so much more than the sum of their parts;
  • Using Star Matrix in a direct, results orientated, target way to create new realities that were not possible before - for your clients, for your groups and for yourself;
  • How to market Star Matrix to attract the clients that are the most transformational for you.

The Star Matrix Professional Course takes Modern Energy into a new world of possibilities in helping others to lead far, far happier lives.

As a Star Matrix Professional, you have the freedom to activate all your best skills, knowledge, and use all the methods and techniques you have learned to help your clients and groups evolve.

Your experience. Your special talents. Your knowledge. Your skills. Your lived experience.


The Star Matrix Professional Certification Course consists of 12 units, 1 each week for 12 weeks via an on-Line format

Available only from The Guild of Energists.

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Star Matrix Professional Trainers

This is a list of energists qualified to teach the Star Matrix Professional course, many of whom may be able to offer you a one-to-one training session. Please click through to the contact details on their profile:

Silvia  Hartmann Silvia Hartmann (East Sussex, England)