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Star Matrix is Silvia Hartmann's new and revolutionary techniques for developing more positive and happy lives, which in turn is passed on to others.

All you need to do to gain your foundation level Star Matrix qualification is purchase Silvia Hartmann's Star Matrix e-manual and complete the online multiple choice test to download your personalised certificate.

  • As an added bonus, on completion you'll also receive three months GoE subscription including all the videos, ebooks, audio books and downloads in the GoE Library archive.

Trainer Ilka Wandel's Thoughts On Star Matrix

Ilka Wandel

 I invite you to read the Star Matrix book, and to read again if you have already read it. As I had an absolutely amazing experience translating it into German for The GoE, and reading it more than once.

To date I have been through the book several times, but after the the second time of reading it, I felt physically this warm energy like a hug, giving me a swirl, taking me into the words, like into a trance, feeling this warmth, flow, love, healing, opportunity, future and I understood, much deeper and clearer my life, mankind and the future that is there at your fingertips.

Not only the future of a single person, but also for humanity itself. I believe there was never written a more important book at all, that explains how your mind, life, potential and future is working. I am so in love with Star Matrix... OMG if we would understand only the half of it, it would change the world massively...and we are just at the beginning.

Star Matrix is something so special, and that's just the beginning. Star Matrix is the beginning of a new world, because it changes your understanding of who you are, what humans are, what life is...I promise, if you get Star Matrix you will also agree with me, it is a gamechanger for the whole world! 

Ilka Wandel

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