Star Matrix: Discover the true TREASURES & RICHES of YOUR LIFE!

Silvia Hartmann
Star Matrix
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It is as simple as it is groundbreaking! Re-connect with the best moments of YOUR life, your Star Memories. Each one is a priceless treasure in its own right that will uplift, inspire and bring real wisdom, but when they connect together, the STAR MATRIX is born - a totally new, reality based self concept that will empower you, protect you and that no-one can take away from you. Start YOUR Book of Stars today!

Product bundles are available:
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Silvia Hartmann's Star Matrix 1st Edition featuring Silvia Hartmann 2020 and the Star Matrix Being

Star Matrix

Created by Silvia Hartmann

It's time to …

  • Connect with the real Treasures & Riches of YOUR Life

It's time for …

  • A brand new, upgraded and improved self concept – You, 2.0

It's time to …

  • Start gathering in the harvest of YOUR real life's most amazing experiences!

Discover the true

Treasues & Riches


Your best positive memories – your Star Memories! - are the true Treasures & Riches of YOUR life.

Do you want to finally find out who you really are?

Discover your true path, your destiny?

Find the real meaning of your life?

Figure out how to make your life work (better) for you?

How to activate and USE your own Super Powers?

Your very own Star Memories are the keepers of this information.

But they are more … so much more …

Your own amazing precious totally unique Star Memories hold:

  • Your best and highest aspects – the best “you” have ever been – so far!
  • The exact instructions on how to do things right – and not just right, but in astonishing perfection, power and grace
  • Vast amounts of untapped, crucial and essential INFORMATION you have already gathered but never accessed properly before
  • The actual knowledge you need to have more and even more astonishing Star Events in the future
  • The keys to YOUR personal Super Powers – what you have already proven you can do
  • The portals to YOUR next steps in YOUR personal evolution
  • Super high energy states we can connect to at any time we want
  • Your own moments of true enlightenment – yes, they have already happened!

Your own Star Memories

are the actual living proof

that you are MORE than

you were ever allowed

to think you were.

Take the trip of a lifetime, literally, and connect with YOUR Star Memories right now.

This is the most profoundly life changing journey you can ever take.

The journey into your very own best memories of this lifetime will transform your self concept, your self belief, your self esteem – it will give you …

The Star Matrix.


Shining Self Concept


  • The Star Matrix is who you really are.

The Star Matrix is both your personal connection to the greatest power in the multiverse – love itself! - as well as your brand new suit of shining armour that will protect you from the negativity of the day.

  • Best of all – the Star Matrix is REAL.

Yes, these amazing things really did happen to us all – we just forgot …


Every single enlightenment experience recovered;

Every single moment of grace, of beauty, of LOVE remembered;

Every single Star Person who has helped you along the way consciously acknowledged;

Every single incident of awe at your own proven ability to create reality unlocked;

adds to YOUR Star Matrix

is a data point in an unfolding, much bigger picture

is a bright star in your energy system.

Together, the Star Moments of your life create YOUR Star Matrix.

Start your journey into a brand new phase of YOUR LIFE today.

A journey that is built on love – for a change.

A journey that is built on truth – what really happened to YOU, in YOUR life.

A journey that is built on reality – not on make belief, or wishful thinking.

A journey that feels so right, makes so much sense, at last.

A journey that will quite literally take you to your stars.


Star Matrix is easy – and super FAST!

There are no complicated techniques to “master” first.

EVERYONE can do this – this is instant personal development!

From the moment you start, you will instantly feel empowered, inspired and you will understand and gain the benefits!

Star Matrix is self motivating – a fabulous uplifting spiral of experiences that will transform your self concept NATURALLY from the ground up.

You can expect the first positive results to become apparent in less than a week.

From there, Star Matrix keeps on getting better and better …

The Best Selling Personal Development Book Star Matrix by Silvia Hartmann

Star Matrix

The ground breaking eBook by Silvia Hartmann

First Edition 2020

Don't hang around, don't wait, don't hesitate -

Star Matrix will change your life for the better

Easily. FAST. Naturally. Beautifully! Now.

This absolutely ground breaking concise quality ebook will take you step by step:

  • Through the easy, fast and natural processes of recovering positive memories;
  • How to connect with the ENERGY inherent (trapped!) inside your positive memories;
  • How to remember clearly, and through all six senses;


  • How to enter into your own Star Memories;
  • How to interact with your own Star Aspects (your personal friends in High Places!);
  • How to set a process in motion that will lead naturally to “Star Matrix thinking” (valuable, life changing, life saving, soul saving???);


  • How to use your own Star Memories right here, right now, to inspire you, guide you and help you overcome problems in a whole new and truly magical way;
  • How to gain Star Memories from other people to create powerful, instant rapport;
  • How to raise energy by yourself, with one other and in groups super-fast (this is so beautiful!);
  • How to create and use your personal “Book of Stars” as a life changing process resulting in a Power Object like no other;


  • Many Star Stories to help trigger your own memories;
  • The Deep Concepts behind Star Matrix that will change the way you think and feel about YOUR life;
  • A natural, HUMANE approach to “healing your past traumas” - at last!
  • Opening up a completely NEW level of understanding reality and creating reality altogether.

Star Matrix is the shining key to unlocking a whole new level in the great game of life.

Who thought that the “great mysteries and secrets” were not to be found in dusty old scrolls in the dungeons of the libraries of the ages, but instead they were waiting all this time …

right here, inside yourself?

You might have heard of the “acres of diamonds” that we are all said to possess – well, here we are.

We've found them.

They are our own Star Memories – the true and only lasting Treasures & Riches of this lifetime.

Now imagine the acres of diamonds rising up, beginning to sparkle, beginning to form the shape of a person – and this is YOU.

That's YOUR Star Matrix.

Only LOVE remains.

This is personal development of the highest order.

Star Matrix is 100% based on what really happened to YOU.

There is no fantasy, no conjecture, no hallucinations, no illusions -

In fact, Star Matrix breaks you out of the prison of self doubt, uncertainty and confusion

and proves to you

  • that you know more than you thought you did,
  • that you can do far more than you thought you could,
  • and that you are far, FAR more than you ever thought you were.

The irrefutable evidence is YOUR LIFE.

As additional bonuses, Star Matrix will absolutely

  • Improve your memory significantly in any way you want to measure that
  • Massively improve your ability to communicate with your own energy mind (that is a life saving skill set!)
  • Give you a whole new set of natural communication abilities
  • Help you to connect with others in a beautiful, intuitive way
  • Boost your energy levels reliably and instantly at any time
  • Power up your X-Factor, your je ne sais quoi, your attractiveness
  • Make your energy body stronger, more resilient and far more shiny
  • Completely change your self esteem, your self concept and how you treat yourself for the better.

It's amazing what wonderful things can happen when we finally start doing something RIGHT!

The time has come to awaken from the nightmare of trauma!

The time has come to point our minds, our bodies and our spirits in the right direction – from the darkness to the stars!

When we do this, we set our course towards a much, MUCH happier future.

Star Matrix is not “just” about recovering our best memories and activating the power that was hidden from us within them.

Star Matrix is about building a bright and starry FUTURE based on the solid experiences of the past.

Star Matrix is the natural, organic way to a healthier relationship with your self.

From this grows the enhanced ability to have even better relationships with others – at will.

Star Matrix is the most delightful way to empower yourself ever discovered.

Star Matrix starts working INSTANTLY – and gets better and better with time.

And it's so easy, a three year old child can start right away!


The Knight In Shining Armour!

  • Finally, the Star Matrix solves one of the greatest problems of the ages.
  • How can we start to shine and feel SAFE to do so?
  • The Star Matrix is a protective device, literally shielding us from negativity and keeping us safe.
  • The Star Matrix serves and protects us in equal measure – and this allows us to SHINE.


Get started NOW -

Start your own collection of Star Memories.

Feel stronger. Become more shiny.

Become more empowered AND more protected

with every Star Memory added.

Start building YOUR Star Matrix.

Start connecting with YOUR OWN Star Aspects – and feel the power in your own living body, right here, right now.

Start correcting the misconceptions, confusions, misunderstanding and downright falsehoods that have kept us down.

Start taking a true inventory of what you've already got, so we can go forward into the future from a totally different position of strength, of wisdom, of power and of TRUTH.

The time has come to start gathering in YOUR harvest.

Star Matrix Best Seller by Silvia Hartmann

Star Matrix: Take The Journey Of YOUR Life – Take The Journey To Your STARS.

  • Activate YOUR own true STAR POWER – at last.
  • Create your own personal BOOK OF STARS.
  • Discover YOUR own, unique, precious Star Matrix.

Your own life's experiences hold the answers you have sought for all this time.

This is the perfect way to empower yourself in the perfect way that is right for YOU.

You always knew you were amazing – now Star Matrix is here to prove that you were right all along.

The real truth is inside you.

It is awaiting your attention as it always has.

You are not who you think you are – you are much, much MORE.

Discover the mystery.

Silvia Hartmann's groundbreaking Star Matrix is the way.

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Come home to YOUR Stars! Star Matrix is the way!

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